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Well, folks, it's finally happened. The big fat vixen's been drawn by enough folks to merit an official list.

A surprise gift from Hoodah. While the diet soda is more than a bit out of character for me, the pic itself is quite nummy. I think he's working on another drawing of me.

The picture that had been my @image for the longest time, drawn by Wallaroo Blacke. It really captures my gobbling, gorging tendencies well. Oh, and here's another one, drawn for "Talk Like a Pirate Day". And recently, Wallaroo ambushed me with yet another picture. Y'know, I think I'm getting a little fatter each time he draws me.

An older picture, drawn by Pixel, shows me doing what big fat gals like moi are far more qualified for than our slimmer sisters: Bellydancing! As I said, this is an older picture -- I hadn't reached "Oh dear gods" size yet. *grin*

Telbert the railroading skunk has also gotten into the act, giving me a dining car all to myself. Awww!

Katt has also drawn me from time to time. Here you see me standing defiantly against all that the Die-with-a-T Industry stands for. And here you see me...erm...sitting and eating defiantly! Fight the power and pass the pastries!

A nice sketch by Sabertooth rounds out the pack. This one, I think, really captures the attitude well.


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